Organization for 
                        Mindfulness Hong Kong



To promote “mindful living” to people in Hong Kong from all walks of life.


Everyone in Hong Kong receives at least one hour mindfulness training in their life time.

About Us

Organisation for Mindfulness Hong Kong (OMHK) is a social enterprise found in 2014.

To achieve our vision, OMHK organises mindfulness workshops, trainings and events
serving audiences from different background including financial services, banking,
insurance, retails, property, government, education, NGOs, legal, customer services etc.

Overwhelming response from the public show that there are tremendous demand in Hong Kong

calling for the needs of mindfulness training to cope with hectic city life.

Feedback from participants on our workshops are enjoyable, insightful and inspiring.

Our workshops are uniquely designed including a variety of guided practices

with the objective to incorporate mindfulness practices into the flow of life.

At the end of the workshop, participants bring with them
practical mindfulness living tools and techniques that can be applied and practiced anytime anywhere.

Thanks to our unique training approach which blend in traditional mindfulness practices 

with psychotherapeutic techniques that make our workshops highly experiential, effective and interesting!

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