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Hong Kong
and Blessing

This workshop offers an opportunity for purification and healing. Through mindfulness of breathing, participants can get a taste of present moment awareness and an access to the insights of impermanence.


Singing bowls will help to relax our body and mind. Through mindful listening, we will be able to transform our negative emotions. Let's send our blessings to oneself as well as the whole world in the workshop. 

for Daily Life

A 3-hour workshop for those who want to apply mindfulness to daily activities, which gives you the most direct experience of mindful living.


A 1-hour workshop offers busy and worn-out mamas a breathing space to chill and relax. 

Mindful Communication

This course allows participants to learn healthy and rational communication  through deep listening, mindful breathing, understanding, compassion and empathy.

A Taste of Mindfulness

A 2-hour open class

for those who are interested

but without any prior experience of mindfulness.  

Our Workshop
Mindfulness is...

Mindfulness is an essential life skill. It offers an entire new perspective and experience of living.

Mindfulness training is mental training. It helps train our minds become more focus, calm and clear. Therefore, mindfulness is pre-requisite for all other learning and training.

Mindfulness is scientifically validated. With proper and persistent practice, mindfulness can enhance self-mastery especially the capability to manage emotion in a highly stressful working or living environment with greater clarity, presence, resilience and effectiveness.

About Us

OMHK is a social enterprise that promotes mindful living to people in Hong Kong from all walks of life. 

Our life is shaped by our mind for we become what we think.


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