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Mindfulness for Daily Life

Mindfulness for Daily Life is designed for those who have joined the introductory class ‘A Taste of Mindfulness’ and are interested to learn more about the ways to apply mindfulness to daily life.


In this 3-hour workshop, participants will have chance to apply mindfulness to daily activities including stretching, eating, walking, listening, working etc.  

This workshop gives you the most direct experience of how mindful living enhance your well-beings, if you have not joined this workshop, you have not fully experienced the benefits of mindful living yet!

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Date & Time

Class A: 10 Apr (Sat) 2-5 pm (3 hr) OR

Class B: 17 Apr (Sat) 2-5 pm (3 hr)

Format  Zoom

Language Cantonese

Price  HK$400

Details & Enrollment


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